The Life and Times of William Callahan

Hardcover with photo, 67 pages, Edition of 450, $45.

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We added one of these 8 Ball Zine Series Box Sets to the Ed. Varie archive. It’s quite the treasure chest. Pau Wau did a lovely job! Featuring:  Evan Morris Cohen, Giorgio Di Salvo, Charlie Engman, Richard Kern & Andreas Laszlo Konrath, Edition of 30

Automatic Books

Reproduction, Amanda Marsalis


A book by american photographer Amanda Marsalis.

“I shot these photos with the end of my polaroid stock. So there is even something more fragile in them since even now I could not take these photos again. It is gone. The time came and went. […]

102 pages, 24 × 32 cm, First edition of 100, 2012
Blue and Red Risographic print SOLD OUT

Vodun, Claire Duport


Vodun is a twentyfour pages black and white book comprising the ten drawings and poems that French artist Claire Duport expressly created for Automatic Books. The book explores the universe of Voodoo, without pretending to create a scientific inventory of facts and figures, aiming at offering a personal and intimate interpretation of nowadays’ fears instead.

24 pages, 19 × 28 cm, Edition of 100, 2011
Black Risographic print, Silkscreen cover INQUIRE

Drawings From my Previous Life, Mai Ueda


Artist’s book by Mai Ueda. Drawings From My Previous Life is a collection of Mai Ueda’s closest friends watercolor portraits that the artist created during the last decade, when she was part of the so called Neen art movement.

44 pages, 19 × 28 cm, First edition of 100, 2012
Silkscreen cover, blue and red Risographic print INQUIRE

Trannie-Jokes ETC., Sany


A book by swedish artist Samuel Nyholm whose main characters are Herakleitos, Grazyna, Smith. The book also includes Lola in a man’s world, a story about the unemployed lesbian feminist Lola, trying to get a job.

44 pages, 20.5 × 27 cm, First edition of 100, 2012
Two colors Litho cover, black Risographic print INQUIRE

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Still Life, Nickolaus Typaldos



Still Life is a self published title from artist Nickolaus Typaldos. It is an examination and an extension of a body of work that locates traditional still life symbolism in commercial photography from magazine ads. The original pieces from which the imagery is derived are cut, masked, and trimmed out with a few delicate strokes from a spray paint can. These images are reproduced in the book in black and white, exist as altered magazine pages, and are nicely balanced with a full page of seamless color corresponding to the layout.

Both front and back covers are gate-folded with full-color floral still life inside, 48 pages, 10” x 13”, Edition 300 each signed and numbered by artist. Inquire here